Can I upgrade or downgrade my Windows VPS?

Upgrading your service

Customers are allowed to manually upgrade their Windows VPS directly from My Products & Services into the Client area.

On your My Products & Services page, you will find your Active products or services. 

Simply click on the desired service you want to upgrade.


Once you are on your service, if available, you will see a button to upgrade your service.

You will be invited to choose your new package (You can see our complete list of Windows VPS here) with the billing cycle. 

Please note that the payment must be completed and validated by the system before the upgrade take place.

You can also submit a support ticket to our technical department with the upgrade request.


Upgrade a component (CPU, RAM, HDD, etc)

At the moment it is impossible to upgrade specific elements of your current VPS.

Our Windows VPS plans are optimized to be scalable so you can start small and scale your servers while you grow your online community.


Downgrade your service 

At the moment, is is not possible to manually downgrade a service from your Client area.

Please submit a support ticket with your downgrade request and our team will make sure to process your request.

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