Don't Starve Together Custom Map

Don't Starve Together Custom Map

This is an easy step by step guide on how to make your own custom Don't starve Together map inside the Game Management control panel.

Step 1 - First Sign in to the Game manager  (You will need to use your login details that were sent to your email.)

Step 2 - Once you have signed into the game manger you will need to click on the "Game servers" button.


Step 3 -  You will now see your game server on the screen. Click on the manage button.

Step 4 -  You will now be inside game server settings where all your settings can be edited. Click on the Configuration Files button. 

Configuration Files


Step 5 - Click the Text Editor for the file "worldgenoverride.lua" in the Master Folder.


Step 6 - once you have the "worldgenoverride.lua" text file open you will need to paste in the below. 

Once you have copied the code below into the text file, you can customise your options.

All the settings are set to default so you will need to change "default" to any of the options a available .

The standard options are "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always". However there are more options for changing weather or season, which are all included in the copy and paste script below.

example: angrybees="default", (is standard default settings.)
change to: angrybees="always", (will spawn loads of angry bees, because we all love loads of angry bees.)

You only need to change the options in the "". Don't change anything else as this can result in the game not loading properly

Copy and Paste the below in to the "worldgenoverride.lua" text file.

return {
        override_enabled = true,
        unprepared = { -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"
                berrybush = "default",
                cactus = "default",
                carrot = "default",
                mushroom = "default",
        misc = {
                autumn = "default", -- "noseason", "veryshortseason", "shortseason", "default", "longseason", "verylongseason", "random"
                boons = "default", -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"
                branching = "default", -- "never", "least", "default", "most"
                day = "default", -- "default", "longday", "longdusk", "longnight", "noday", "nodusk", "nonight", "onlyday", "onlydusk", "onlynight"
                frograin = "default", -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"
                lightning = "default", -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"
                loop = "default", -- "never", "default", "always"
                season_start = "default", -- "default", "winter", "spring", "summer", "random"
                spring = "default", -- "noseason", "veryshortseason", "shortseason", "default", "longseason", "verylongseason", "random"
                summer = "default", -- "noseason", "veryshortseason", "shortseason", "default", "longseason", "verylongseason", "random"
                touchstone = "default", -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"
                weather = "default", -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"
                wildfires = "default", -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"
                winter = "default", -- "noseason", "veryshortseason", "shortseason", "default", "longseason", "verylongseason", "random"
                world_size = "default", -- "default", "medium", "large", "huge"
        animals = { -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"
                alternatehunt = "default",
                angrybees = "default",
                beefalo = "default",
                beefaloheat = "default",
                bees = "default",
                birds = "default",
                butterfly = "default",
                buzzard = "default",
                catcoon = "default",
                frogs = "default",
                hunt = "default",
                lightninggoat = "default",
                moles = "default",
                penguins = "default",
                perd = "default",
                pigs = "default",
                rabbits = "default",
                tallbirds = "default",
        monsters = { -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"
                bearger = "default",
                chess = "default",
                deciduousmonster = "default",
                deerclops = "default",
                dragonfly = "default",
                goosemoose = "default",
                houndmound = "default",
                hounds = "default",
                krampus = "default",
                liefs = "default",
                lureplants = "default",
                merm = "default",
                spiders = "default",
                tentacles = "default",
                walrus = "default",
        resources = { -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"
                flint = "default",
                flowers = "default",
                grass = "default",
                marshbush = "default",
                meteorshowers = "default",
                meteorspawner = "default",
                reeds = "default",
                rock = "default",
                rock_ice = "default",
                sapling = "default",
                trees = "default",
                tumbleweed = "default",


Step 7 - Reset your server

7.1. Stop server (If it's not already paused)
7.2. Then click File manger >DoNotStarveTogether > Master > Save
7.3. In the save folder delete the following (saveindex) and the 2 folders (session and server temp) - only delete these. Nothing else.
7.4. Start your game server again.

This final step will delete your old world in order to create a new world with your new changes.



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