Don't Starve Together: Server Name Guide

Don't Starve Together: Server Name Guide

This is an easy step by step guide on how to change your Don't starve Together Server name inside the Game Management control panel.

Step 1 - First Sign in to the Game manager  (You will need to use your login details that were sent to your email.)

Step 2 - Once you have signed into the game manger you will need to click on the "Game servers" button.


Step 3 -  You will now see your game server on the screen. Click on the manage button.


Step 4 -  You will now be inside game server settings where all your settings can be edited. Click on the configuration files button.


Step 5 - Configuration files will have four options, click "Text Editor" on Doc-Folder\settings.ini


Step 6 - Now your in the settings folder you can see all of your details including server name, password e.t.c. All you need to do is change default_server_name. default_server_name = (Only change the value after the = .) Example Before: default_server_name =  After: default_server_name = my new server name And then click save.

Step 7 - Now return Back to the game servers option and click restart. Once your server has finished restarting. Login in to Don't Starve Together and search for your game with your new lobby name.



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