Don't Starve Together: Enabling Caves

Don't Starve Together: How to activate caves

This is an easy step by step guide on how to activate the caves on your service.

In order to have the caves activated, You will need 2 Services of Don't starve together with the same account. If you already have 1 service, you need to buy a second one.

Your first service will be the Main server

The second service will be the Slave that take care of the caves.


Step 1 - First Sign in to the Game manager  (You will need to use your login details that were sent to your email.) 

Step 2 - Once you have signed into the game manger you will need to click on the "Game servers" button


Step 3 -  You will now see your games servers on the screen. Click on the manage button of your main server (usualy the first one you bought).


Step 4 -  Stop your main server.

Step 5 -  Return to your game server's list, click Manage on your other server (the one that will be used as a slave) and Stop it too.

Step 6 -  In the Manage screen of your second server (slave server), click Mod Manager

Step 7 -  Read the notice and make sure you are on your second server, Installing this mod on the main server will simply crash your whole server and you will have to reinstall. Click Install, it will takes a few seconds.

Step 8 - 
Start both server and enjoy!





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