How to add Rust Oxide Plugins [Legacy / Latest]

To install Oxide plugins for Rust Legacy and the latest release of Rust, please follow these easy instructions
  1. Please go to Select Rust.

  2. Once you've downloaded the plugins you want. Please go to the file manager in the control panel.

  3. For the current / latest release of Rust please navigate to the following

    /server/my_server_identity/oxide/plugins. And for Rust Legacy please go to /Legacy/save/oxide/plugins.

  4. You then want to click upload, select the plugin files you've just downloaded, and then upload them.

  5. Once the upload is complete restart your server and then plugins should load.

  6. If you're having problems with plugins loading, please check the log files which are stored at /server/my_server_identity/oxide/logs.

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