How to upload Files To Windows VPS?

For transfering files, you have 2 options :


Transfer using Remote Desktop Connection :

  1. With Remote Desktop, you can mount your computer drives so you have access to them on the server.

  2. When you open "Remote desktop connection", click on "Show Options"

  3. Go to "Local Resources" and click on "More..."

  4. There you can select the drives and they will be available when you connect to the server. 


Transfer with FTP :

You can setup a FTP program like FileZilla FTP server and upload files using a FTP program.

Setup FileZilla Server : 

  1. Download the server files from FileZilla website on your VPS.

  2. Install the software on your VPS using the default parameters.

  3. After the installation process, FileZilla server GUI will popup. Dont forget to set a password for more security.

  4. To create a user, click "Edit" > "Users".

  5. In the new configuration screen you can add a new user. The user you set now will be the user you will connect with.

  6. Set your password in the Account settings section.

  7. In the shared folders tab, add a directory of your choice and allow Read, Write and Delete.

Setup FileZilla Client : 

  1. Download the client files from the FileZilla Website.

  2. Install the software on your computer using default parameters.

  3. Connect to your remote server using the Host IP, your FileZilla username and password.

  4. To transfer a file, locate your file using the left browser and drag it to the right browser. (Left side is your local machine and the right side is your server directory). Alternatively, you can right the the files and click "Upload"


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