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9th Aug 2017, 14:44:00

We are pleasant to inform you that from today we are offering long awaited FiveM FX Server Hosting.
In this new server update we have managed to get working logs for easier developing of your server.
New Web Console with feauture to send in commands to the Server.


In order to check your server logs in your game manager click on your server then on Log Viewer.You can select [ Download ]  [ Stream File ]  [ New Window ] to view the CitizenFX.log file.


In Game Manager click on Web Console and new Window will open in your browser

Web Console

To see all available commands for FX server write cmdlist

Web Console CMDS

Now you will see every possible command listed in webconsole. Beware that console will output live data from your server in realtime. Also don't change things that you don't understand.


After long debate we decided to not offer any refund for clients using old server. 

Wait wait there is more....

Before you start calling us with names we prepared Promo code 30% OFF new FX order for current clients. While placing new order for FX Server use Promo Code VOPVA0U47B to claim your discount. This is one time only for the first month.

Enough talking place your order


Thank you.

Lucas Betone

GameHosting.Co Support and Administration Team

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