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Client Arera - Products & Services page reworked

8th Nov 2018, 20:56:00

Hello community!

We just launched our new version of the Client Area - Products & Services page design. We founded an issue with the system making some of the products & services unavailable to view if you had more then 10 products with us in your timeline.

We reworked the way this page was showing the only 10 firsts results and made some adjustements.

  • We now show all your products & services you have or had with us;
  • You can  now filter between the status (Active, Pending, Cancelled, Terminated);
  • We had a "Manage product" link in the list.

Hope you will like this new feature. 

As you can know, we are always working hard to bring you new features and a better way to manage your products & services. 

Have a nice day.

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