How to make yourself an Op/Owner/Admin

When you host a private Minecraft Game Server at, you have the ability to set yourself as an Op/Owner/Admin in the game.

Give a look to the basic Minecraft console commands.

The process of opping a player is quite simple. However, opping a player will essentially give them access to all commands on a server wich allows them to bypass some permissions. 

Make sure to only give those permissions to the most trusted people. 

To op a player, simply run the following command from your Web Console into your Game Manager.

Click here to access to your Game manager.

When you will be on your Game Manager, find your game service and click on Web Console.

In the console, type the command 

op PlayerName

Where PlayerName is the username or gamertag of the player to give the permissions.

Web console - Give play OP

If the command worked, you should see a new message in the Web Console.

[Server thread/INFO]: Made PLAYERNAME a server operator

From now, you or the other player should be able to use in-game commands.

To remove some one form the OP list, just type the following command :

deop PlayerName

And voilà! You now have full permission to type your commands in your private Minecraft Game Server. 

If you need additionnel support, feel free to join our Discord or write us a Support ticket.

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