Basic Minecraft console commands

There are many default commands that are available for Minecraft servers within your Control Panel.

Here is some of the bascis commands you can use :

Command to OP a player :
op playername (where playername is the minecraft username used in game)

Command to remove OP from a player :
deop playername

Command to kick a player with a reason :
kick player reason

Command to ban a player with a reason :
ban player reason

Command to unban someone :
pardon player

Command to ban someone's IP address from accessing your server :
ban-ip ipaddress

Command to set a player's game mode : 
gamemode 0 / 1 /2 playername 
0 : Survival
1 : Creative
2 : Adventure

Command to give a player a certain item(s) :
give playername item amount
item : Item ID (See Minecraft ID List)
amount : It is the amount of the item that you want to give.

Command to teleport one player to another :
tp target destination
target : Specifies the entity(s) to be teleported. Must be either a player name or a target selector.
destination : Specifies the entity to teleport the target(s) to. Must be either a player name or a target selector.

Command to give a certain player experience :
xp amount playername

If you want the complete list of availables commands to use for Minecraft, please visit

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