Add a Sub-user

Add a Sub-user

You can grant access to your game manger to your friends and other players by creating a sub-user in the game manger. This will allow you to give your friends access to your server, change settings, restart the server and much more.

If you would like to add another user (sub-user) to your account, follow these 5 simple steps.

Step 1 - First you will need to login in to the main users account (game manger.)

Step 2 - Click on "Sub-Users."


Step 3 - Click on "New."


Step 4 - Now enter the "sub-users" details in to the form. You only need to add a user name and a password.  Important - These fields are mandatory.


Step 5 - After that, you have entered you user name & password, select the "Game/Voice Service Permissions" tab. You can now step the permissions you would like this extra user to have. After you have finished setting the permissions, click save.


Now your Sub-user can login in to the game manger with the user name & password you assigned in Step - 4.

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