Creating A Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server

Setting up a Don't Starve Together server requires a little work but shouldn't take long, if you follow this guide step-by-step it should be fairly easy. This guide was written after we took the official wiki guide and simplified it to help our customers set up there server quicker.


You must own a copy of Don't Starve Together on Steam to be able to host a dedicated server, this guide is for running the server on Windows Server 2008 which is what we offer here at


This step is made easy by Steam. On the server (after installing Steam if it is not already installed and signed into using your own personal account that you own a copy of DTS with) open Steam up and hover over the Library link at the top of the main screen and from the drop down select Tools. Now you should be looking at a screen with several available programs such as dedicated servers that you can install and run, look for Dont' Starve Together Dedicated Server and right click it and select Install Game. Now that you have installed the dedicated server program to your server you should then be able to access it by right clicking it and selecting Play Game. If you try to launch it now it wont work, lets move onto the next step of setting up a Don't Starve Togetherserver.

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