How To Shut Down Reign Of Kings Server

If you have a VPS or Dedicated game server from with Reign Of Kings on it and want to shut the server down properly while saving your progress then this article will help.

Shutting Down A Reign Of Kings Server

This is a 2 part process, first make sure you are signed in as an admin in game on your server world.

Go to the actual desktop of the server you have rented from us using Remote Desktop and close the black command window thats running. This window is opened automatically with the booting of Windows and restarts your Reign Of Kings server if it crashes, if this was left on it would restart the game not shut it down.

Now type into the chat (using ENTER to bring up chat) "/shutdown" without the double quotes but including the slash in the game.

You should now be disconnected from the game and the server shuts down and saves the game world.

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