11 Apr

RoK Update Alpha 11

Reign Of Kings Alpha 11

The Code}{atch Team have been working hard over the last few weeks with the hacking problems they were having in reign of kings, with a lot of the community and dedicated servers coming under attack from hackers.

However the release of Alpha 11 brings in (EAC) Easy Anti Cheat which has been integrated into the game in order to keep hackers out and improve everyone’s Reign of kings experience. Code}{atch quoted “we felt it was best to have a major anti-hacking solution on our side while we also work to prevent exploits and hacks on our end. We also included another layer of our own hack prevention in this update aside from EAC.” This means that you will now need to agree to Code}{atch’s EULA before you are able to plat the game again.

For more on easy anti cheat check out: easyanticheat.net

Code}{atch have also stated that players should not risk hacking/cheating in reign of kings as this can result in your account being banned by the EAC system.

Users have also had a problem with updating their server in order to play Alpha 11. You can find helpful information about updating you server on the Steam community page. Gamehosting.co have already taken all the steps to update to Alpha 11 in order to keep fellow gamers, online and happy.

Features in Alpha 11:

  • Lord’s Bed (Spawn Point)
  • Lord’s furniture including (Bath, Small chair, Large chair)
  • Bear Skin Rug
  • Rocking Horse
  • High Quality Bench
  •  Gazebo

For the full list click here.

New Changes:

  • (EAC) Easy anti cheat integration needs to be installed before you are able to play Reign of Kings.
  • Lobby ping updates more regularly
  • Lobby refresh is faster
  • Melee Combat now slows players down when they swing.

For the full list click here.

To See a full list of the updates and features including bug fixes, changes and optimization please refer to the steam community update.

Code}{atch have also stated that their focus for the week ahead is still directed towards the prevention of hacking, and also the improvement of  overall performance.


Keeping you updated.


Joshua – Gamehosting.co

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