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02 Apr

Reign Of Kings Review

Reign Of Kings is another Early Access Steam game that pushes the boundaries of what a sandbox game can be. Set in a Medieval stlye world with a first or third person view you start out on the beach of an island surrounded by trees and other natural resources.

You first task is to start building tools to help you collect these resources quicker, this typically involves smashing a tree with the default stick you have started out with in a very Minecraft-ey way to gather the wood. Exploring around the area you will also find a wide range of other materials such as flax and stone that you can combine with the wood to create a decent axe that speeds up wood collection 4 fold.

Aside from building tools you can build weapons and armour which come in handy with the main point of the game, claiming the throne! Exploring away from the area you spawned you will eventually come across a castle accessible by a long bridge that contains a throne to capture. Players battle it out to capture this position as it then gives them the abolity to tax everything harvested on the island by 20%. This very lucrative position enables players to form alliances and hire each other to fight for this dominant position.

All in all Reign Of Kings is a very good game but playing it for any period of time online shows that its in a very early stage but has some serious future ahead of it and should eveolve into a Minecraft beater.

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18 Feb

Don’t Starve Together Review

I extremely enjoyed playing this co-operative Tim Burton style open world survival game that is more addictive than Heisenberg’s crystal meth. Don’t Starve Together is the multi-player version of the fantastic Don’t Starve game available on beta through Steam now.

What You Do In Don’t Starve Together

So you start off by choosing your character from a selection of 5 very different personalities each with there own benefits and downsides. While playing I found myself sticking with the Librarian, a geeky character that has access to all of the recipes from the start and the ability to create spell books to conjure up all sorts of special abilities.

After the character selection you will be warped through a portal into the dark nightmare themed landscape surrounded by trees, plants and animals. From here you will collect resources to craft your first basic tools to allow access to even more exotic resources. Not only have you got to look for these initial tool parts but you also very quickly start to learn that your hunger levels drop quickly and you need to be on a constant look out for sources of food.

Once you have built some basic tools and kept your hunger at bay you need to then look around for harder materials to build better weapons and armor. Within a few days of in game time you are sure to bump into some not so friendly animals that will quickly make a meal of you. The added risk of giant birds head butting you really help Don’t Starve Together push itself as a challenging game.

It takes a long time to craft the recipes available to you. Like Minecraft it will take a while for you to master staying alive and with the added character choice you can vary your experience a lot more game by game.

Is Dont Starve Together Worth Buying?

Definitely, if you are into this sort of game and enjoy co-operative play while assisting your buddies Don’t Starve Together ticks a lot of boxes. Avoid this game if you don’t want to see countless hours evaporate from over playing as it gets extremely addictive.

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