18 May

Reign Of Kings Progress Report #3

The Code}{atch Team have been working on a lot of new features this week as well as fixing some bugs and also a lot of hack prevention. They also announced that wipes will be made on their official servers next week.

Over the last week Reign of kings has seen an improvement in several areas with the anti-hack prevention being a continues focus. Many hackers have been caught and  Code}{atch are now enforcing stronger bans on hackers with permanent banning in place.

Code}{atch have also been working on a lot of in game content and features including a wooden drawbridge, new weapons including Heavy morning star maces and hammers, as well as traps, paintable signs and loads more.

They are focusing on the use of traps in their future updates with the ability to place traps around the map, including a bear trap, blade pillar and other types of traps that will be deployed by the use of pressure plates in the game. This is an interesting concept as players will now be able to booby-trap their houses/castles which should keep the raiders at bay.

Another big feature in this weeks update is the hint that players will be able to hold two items in the near future meaning that players will be able to dual wield weapons and carry a shield for better defence. This has been a big request by the steam community and its good to see that the developers are listening to user ideas in order to improve the game.

Other Features in Progress Report #3:

  • Musical Instrument Buffs
  •  Whip Buffs
  • Siege Weapon updates
  • Decay System (Being Worked on)
  • Backend Development (Improve Game play)

For the full list click here.

Keeping you updated.


Patrice – Gamehosting.co

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