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Reign of Kings Admin Commands

How to add an admin with an example Permissions.cfg

Below is an example of how your config file should look. If you are missing any character, the server will not work or will attempt to autocorrect and possibly not display properly on the server list.

Note: As of Alpha 11, the permission system has changed. The inheritance system is implemented and this should make defining groups more dynamic.

If your players are stuck on the character creation raft, you are missing the rok.fairplay permission in your groups.

groups {
default {
default = ‘True’
nameFormat = ‘%name%’
chatFormat = ‘%name% : %message%’
guildFormat = ‘[00CC00][%guild%] %chatFormat%[-]’
inherits = ”
permissions {
– ‘rok.fairplay’
admin {
nameFormat = ‘%name%’
chatFormat = ‘%name% : %message%’
guildFormat = ‘[00CC00][%guild%] %chatFormat%[-]’
inherits = ”
permissions {
– ‘*’
macros {
users {
For player names with spaces in them, you would instead use ‘Player Name’ .

If your server does not show up on the server list after editing this file and adding your admins, please make sure that you have included the correct amount of ending } characters for each { .

It is very important that you observe the structure of this section:

PlayerName {
groups {
– ‘admin’
A new admin can be added by inserting these lines in between the opening and closing braces of users like below:

One admin entry.

users {

Ericthered {
groups {
– ‘admin’

Adding an additional admin is as easy as adding in a new block.

Multiple admin entries.

users {

EricTheRed {
groups {
– ‘admin’
ErinTheGreen {
groups {
– ‘admin’
If you would like to add Tags to your group’s name, you can edit your group’s chat format like so:

chatFormat = ‘[00FFDD](Owner) %name% : [FFFFFF]%message%’

Questions? Feel free to submit a support ticket!

List of Reign of Kings commands

Command : /me
Aliases : /emote
Description : Displays a custom message starting with your name.
Permissions : rok.command.chat.me
Arguments : [message]
Usage : /me This is a test!

Command : /say
Aliases : /talk, /speak, /forcetalk
Description : Forces a [userName] to say a [message].
Permissions : rok.command.chat.say
Arguments : [userName] [message]Command : /guild
Aliases : /f, /t, /g, /friends, /group, /team
Description : Sends a [message] to your guild.
Permissions : rok.command.chat.guild
Arguments : [message]Command : /suicide
Aliases : killme, killself
Description : Kills yourself.
Permissions : rok.health.suicide
Command : /heal
Aliases : (userName)
Description : Heals yourself or optionally (userName) to full health.
Permissions : rok.command.health.heal, rok.command.health.heal.othersCommand : /nourish
Aliases : /feed
Description : Nourishes yourself or optionally (userName) to full nourishment.
Permissions : rok.command.health.nourish, rok.command.health.nourish.others
Arguments : (userName)

Command : /hydrate
Description : Hydrates yourself or optionally (userName) to full hydration.
Permissions : rok.command.health.hydrate, rok.command.health.hydrate.others
Arguments :(userName)

Command : /stophunger
Description : Stops Hunger on yourself or optionally (userName).
Permissions : rok.command.health.stophunger, rok.command.health.stophunger.others
Arguments : (userName)

Command : /stopthirst
Description : Stops Thirst on yourself or optionally (userName).
Permissions : rok.command.health.stopthirst, rok.command.health.stopthirst.others
Arguments : (userName)

Command : /godmode
Aliases : /invincible, /invulnerable
Description : Enables godmode for yourself or (username).
Permissions : rok.command.admin.godmode, rok.command.admin.godmode.others
Arguments : (username)

Command : /list
Aliases : /online, /players
Description : Displays a list of online players.
Permissions : rok.command.help.list

Command : /give
Description : Gives a specified [amount] of an [item] optionally to (userName]. Defaults to self.
Permissions : rok.command.items.give
Arguments : [item] [amount] (userName)

Command : /giveall
Aliases : /allitems
Description : Gives max of every item available.
Permissions : rok.command.items.giveall

Command : /itemlist
Aliases : /search
Description : Lists out the names of all of the items, for use with /give.
Permissions : rok.command.items.give
Arguments : [search word] List all the names of items which contain the search word.

Command : /clearinv
Aliases : /invclear, /emptyinv
Description : Clears the inventory of you or (username).
Permissions : rok.command.items.clear, rok.command.items.clear.others
Arguments : (userName)

Command : /tp
Aliases : /warp, /teleport
Description : Teleports the player to a desired location.
Permissions : rok.command.teleport, rok.command.teleport.coord, rok.command.teleport.user, rok.command.teleport.origin
Arguments : [x] [z], [user]

Command : /time
Description : Controls the world’s time.
Permissions : rok.command.environment.time
Arguments : reset, forward|reverse (timeSpeed), set noon|night|dawn|dusk|[hour], pause|unpause

Command : /weather
Aliases : /whether, /climate
Description : Changes the weather for the world.
Permissions : rok.command.environment.weather
Arguments : overcast, clear, low|medium|heavy, reset, pause, cloudy

Command : /killall (radius) (“silent”)
Description : Kills all entities in a radius from you. Chests are not destroyed. Only objects in loaded pages will be killed.
Permissions : rok.command.objects.killall

Command : /butcher (radius) (“silent”)
Description : Kills all monsters and critters in a radius.
Permissions : rok.command.objects.butcher

Command : /nosecurity
Description : Toggles security on or off.
Permissions : rok.command.objects.security

Command : /bettergui
Aliases : /betterui
Description : Switches the in-game gui to it’s alternative.
Permissions : rok.command.ui.switchlayout

Command : /popup [message]
Aliases : /alert
Description : Shows a popup to all players on the server.
Permissions : rok.command.ui.popup

Command : /question [message]
Description : Shows a popup to all players on the server for a yes or no question.
Permissions : rok.command.ui.question

Command : /pageDebug
Description : Toggles paging debug mode on.
Permissions : rok.command.admin.debug

Command : /objectDebug
Description : Toggles object debugging on and off.
Permissions : rok.command.admin.debug

Command : /fly
Description : Toggles fly mode for yourself or optionally (userName).
Permissions : rok.command.admin.fly
Arguments : (userName)

Command : /videofly
Description : Toggles flying camera mode.
Permissions : rok.command.admin.videoflyCommand : /build
Aliases : /shape
Description : Creates a shape out of blocks
Permissions : codehatch.blocks.build
Arguments : [sphere|cube] (radius) (material)Command : /instantbuild
Aliases : /ib
Description : Toggles instant building for the local player
Permissions : codehatch.blocks.debugCommand : /help
Description : Displays info about commands or optionally about (command).
Arguments : (command)Command : /notice
Aliases : /n
Description : Shows a message from the server with [message].
Permissions : codehatch.server.notice
Arguments : [message]
Command : /registry
Aliases : /reg
Description : Change and modify registered users.
Permissions : codehatch.admin.registry
Arguments : list, remove [userName], clear, reload, rename [userName] [newName]

Command : /kick
Aliases : /dc
Description : Disconnects the specified player from the server.
Permissions : codehatch.command.admin.kick
Arguments : [userName]

Command : /ban
Description : Bans the desired player from the server. You can optionally specify the number of days and/or a reason.
Permissions : codehatch.command.admin.ban
Arguments : [userName] (days|reason)

Command : /banlist
Description : Lists the users that have been banned. Optionally searches by (username).
Permissions : codehatch.command.admin.ban
Arguments : (userName)

Command : /unban
Description : Unbans the desired player on the server. You can optionally provide an index from the /banlist command.
Permissions : codehatch.command.admin.ban
Arguments : [userName|index]

Command : /permissions
Aliases : /perms, /permission, /perm
Description : Change and modify user/group permissions.
Permissions : codehatch.admin.permissions
Arguments : reload,
user [userName],
user [userName] add|remove,
group [groupName] add|remove [permission],
user [userName] removegroup [groupName],
user [userName] addgroup [groupName],
user [userName] nameformat [format],
user [userName] chatformat [format],
user [userName] setprimary [groupName]

Command : /logout
Aliases : /exit, /leave, /quit
Description : Disconnects from the current server. If used by the server/host it performs a shutdown.

Command : /shutdown
Aliases : /restart
Description : Saves and stops the server.
Permissions : codehatch.admin.shutdown

Command : /config
Aliases : /serverconfig, /settings
Description : Modify the server configuration. Displays entire config.
Permissions : codehatch.admin.server.edit
Arguments : get [key], set [key] [value]

Command : /buildreport
Description : Creates a report of the current state of the game for developers to look at.
Arguments : (username)

Command : /report
Description : Submit a short report of the specified player’s cheats or exploits.
Arguments : (username)
Permissions : codehatch.reporting.players

Command: /whitelist
Description: Allow specific players to log in while the whitelist is enabled.
Arguments: get [id number], getbynote [note], getbyname [name], remove [id number],
addbyname [name] (note), removebyname [name], disable, add [id number] (note),
reload, enable
Permissions: codehatch.command.admin.whitelist

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