08 Apr

Medieval Engineers – Update 02.011

Update 02.011 – Animal AI (Deer), New Roof Options


Medieval engineers has now added their first Animal AI’s in game. Players can now add deer’s in game via the world options, with the ability to add up to four deer’s, however Keen Software House plan to increase this in the future. Deer’s can only currently spawn in large forest areas and are still a work in progress, so please bare in mind that the game is still in Beta, as much of the animations and behaviours of the AI have to be added or fixed.

Other highlights in this update include the ability to use the manipulation tool while crouching  and also the addition of extra roof top blocks.

Modding has also seen some changes (Please see the link for new modding support)


Features in update 02.011 include:

  • Animal AI (Deer)
  • Improved/Added Manipulation when player crouches.
  • Further improvements for modding support

New Content:

  • New roof tops have been added

Bug fixes:

  • Putting a container inside a container has been disabled
  • Fixed night and day ratio settings in the scenario menu
  • Dead deer stuck in trees crash has been fixed
  • Modded textures and block loads have been fixed
  • Object and projectile dampening has been fixed
  • Destroying Tress by bumming in to them at high speeds has been disabled

Modding Guide:



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