01 Apr

Medieval engineers – Update 02.010

Update 02.010 – Survival Mode Update (Logging & Storage containers)


Medieval engineers have taken one step closer to releasing a completed survival mode this week by releasing update 0.2.010 which now allows players to cut down trees in order to produce timber and scrap wood to build structures. (There are continued plans to improve upon this update in the later stages of the survival mode build, with additional uses such as lighting a fire e.t.c).

The big aspect of this new update is the axe, this can be used either to cut down trees or used to shape the wood, by clicking on the chopped logs. (L_MOUSE = attack/logging, R_MOUSE = block/crafting).


Keen Software House have also added additional storage space in game with the  ability to create a “Large wooden chest.” Players can now store even more content with this larger chest now being available. This addition brings the total amount of storage items up to 3 with the view to increase this further in the future.


Features in update 02.010 include:

  • New logging feature: Now allows players to cut down trees and process the wood in to shaped wood.
  • Adding Storage Containers: New Large Wooden Chests

New Content:

  • Axe Tool (For Logging)
  • Large Chest (Storage)
  • Logs (Obtained by cutting down trees)
  • Scrap Wood (Branches and twigs)

Bug fixes:

  • Barbarian Fix (ability to attack statues)
  • Night Time start scenarios fixed
  • Fixed statue mounting point


Keeping you updated.


Joshua – Gamehosting.co

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