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There are many games that allow you to build up your world from 3rd person, but being able to do this from an isometric view is really nice and intriguing at the same time. This is exactly what Stonehearth manages to do, as this is a title that successfully combines the sandbox ideas with RPG as well as RTS in order to create a very interesting and cohesive gameplay.
The idea in Stonehearth is quite different in regards to other titles within the same genre, because you have to control a small band of settlers as they try to expand and live in a large game world filled with dangers.

It’s nice that you start off very simple, with resource gathering and fortifications, but at the same time you also need to protect yourself from intruders, something that is indeed a necessity. Of course, when you grow your settlement a lot you need to try and train an army that will allow you to venture into the game world the right way.

Stonehearth manages to seamlessly combine the city building with the simulation aspects in order to provide us with an astounding, impressive experience right from the start. When playing this game you will feel like playing Warcraft, Minecraft and Final Fantasy, all combined into a single title with a lot of promise and fun gameplay.

Of course, the game has a randomly generated set of worlds and you can build it or redefine it on your own with voxels, that’s not a problem. This is what makes Stonehearth so appealing and impressive, the fact that you can be creative and you are not limited in any way, which is indeed a major plus.

The RPG side in Stonehearth is very expansive and hugely fun at all times, in fact it’s so nice that you will want to play the title again and again, which is really cool.
Combat however is performed in true RTS fashion, with a very good gameplay and a lot of variety which you will surely enjoy. There is even a class system here that focuses both on the civilian as well as combat units, a great twist.

There are many types of gameplay that you can adhere to in Stonehearth, as you can be defensive, or you can attack without a problem, it all comes down to you and the amount of gameplay opportunities you take full advantage of.

Sure, Stonehearth is still in Alpha, and the current version doesn’t really offer a lot in terms of value, but the core ideas are there and you can surely find a lot of promise in this game, something you will enjoy at all times. It’s a very nice, expansive and very interesting game with cool mechanics, so it’s a very good idea to check it out, you will not regret that, especially considering the amazing opportunities that the title offers and the numerous feature that can be accessed via the upcoming updates!

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