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Wilson Server

As low as $9.00/per month

don't-starve-together-beefalo Don't Starve Together Slots

don't-starve-together-pig 10 Player Slots

money$1.20 per slot

ddos-protectionDDoS Protection

Mod SupportFree Mod Support

shared TCAdmin Panel

user_minInstant Setup

support Fast & Friendly Support

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Don't Starve Together Reign of Giants Server Hosting

As low as$9.00/per month

don't-starve-together-reign-of-giants Don't Starve Together Reign of Giants Slots

Our Don't starve together servers have been updated with the release of the Reign of Giants Update. Our players are now able to add the new DLC content to their server giving them the option to have all the added extras on their server for the ultimate Don't Starve Together Experience. The New content includes the addition of the two extra seasons, Spring and Summer as well as the DLC giants related to the seasons.

Loads of new crafting tools, weapons, armour, farming and hunting equipment has all been added along with the characters Wigfrid and Webber which are now playable characters in the multiplayer without the use of mods. In addition to the character and crafting changes the map has been expanded with two new biomes, Deserts and the Deciduous Forest, which are both filled with loads of new creatures and resources just waiting to be discovered.

We also support caves, you need to buy 2 servers in order to have the caves active. Read our guide about caves

We also include easy step by step guides to help enhance your game.

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Low Ping

We strive to reduce ping by ensuring that our servers are kept in only the best data centres with high quality connections to the global internet. By constantly investing in modern hardware while maintaining it to the highest standard we ensure that you wont be unhappy with the pings you are receiving on any of the games that we offer.

Instant Setup

We have setups for each game we offer ready to replicate which have been pre-tested to ensure you get started as quickly as possible. As soon as you place and order and the payment has been confirmed our automated system will have you game server up within a few seconds. Which means you will be able to access your game within minutes of set-up and can play on your server 24/7.

Free Mod Support

We offer free mod support for Don’t starve together and are able to add any mods available on the steam workshop. We encourage players to learn by doing as that’s half the fun of running your own server. However we know how challenging it can be at times, so we are here to help.

Premium Hardware

We own and maintain all of our gaming dedicated servers with the aim to give our customers more for their money.  We only use server components to enhance the performance of all our servers in order to optimise gaming and reduce downtime. None of our servers are overload in order to  keep performance at its peak!

Fast & Friendly Support

We offer live chat via our customer support or you can contact us with your questions or queries via our dedicated support team. We also included and FAQ on all our games in order to help answer you questions quickly and effectively.


Dedicated Support Team: support@gamhosting.co


We offer Free Customization on our Don’t Starve Together servers as well. Having trouble changing your game name? Need to put a password on your server? Then just let us know. We Don’t charge for this service unlike many other companies as we want to work with the player in order to improve their gaming experience. We will have you changing your own configs and settings in no time.

Don't Starve Together Server Hosting

Wilson Server Includes:

don't-starve-together-beefalo Don’t Starve Together Slots

 don't-starve-together-pig10 Player Slots

money $1.20 per slot

xeon_icon_min Intel Xeon Processor

WINWindows Server 2008

shared TCAdmin Panel

user_minInstant Setup

support Fast & Friendly Support


As low as $9.00


All of our Don’t starve together servers now come with the Reign of Giants DLC, which will allow you to have even more fun with your friends online. All our Don’t Starve Together servers come with the Reign of Giants DLC installed and are instant setup so you can start playing on your dedicated server in minutes. Plus all our servers come with guides to help you customise your world with mods, server name changes, password protection and more. It couldn’t be easier.


Don’t Starve Together is the standalone expansion of Don’t Starve developed by Klei entertainment. The game itself is a survival based sandbox set in an unexplored, randomly generated world in which everything is out to kill you. With each play through you will find new ways in which to survive and strive against the world around you, using loads of different characters and survival gear to build a sense of sustainability in which you can conquer your hungry, the seasons and the creatures lurking in the dark. The single player mode also offers an expansion called Reign of Giants that adds loads more content including new bosses, new resources and tonnes of other surprises along the way. With the game being so popular as a single player, Klei entertainment released Don’t starve together in 2014 giving you the chance to play this epic game with your friends online. Now you would think that it would be even easier to survive this game with a group of your friends but trust me this is not the case. Think of it this way, playing with an extra 2 players online not only means extra people to grab resources but it also means that there are extra mouths to feed and you can often find yourself in difficult times if you don’t work together. The new multiplayer flags up so many challenges and will have your friends on the edge of their seat when Wilson or any of the other characters are both starving and freezing in the winter seasons.


Don’t Starve Together is still only an early-access game and there is still plenty of content from the single player that will be released later this year including the Reign of Giants DLC and of course the steam community content that offers loads of new characters and extras. But just because it’s in BETA doesn’t mean that it’s any less epic then Don’t Starve! The game is a bargain on the steam store and you will definitely get your moneys worth as you wont want stop playing once you craft your first weapon or catch your first meal! Pick it up on the steam and start surviving the hard way..

How Do I Set Up A Don't Starve Together Server?

At Gamehosting.co we want to make it as simple as possible for our user to play all of their favourite games without the hassle of setting a server up. Our fully automated system makes that a reality and gets user playing on a server within minutes of purchasing. No set-up is need as we have everything installed and ready for you to use. Once you have a server set up we have plenty of guides on how to customise your game in our control panel. Add mods, change your server name or add a password, its all possible inside the control panel and we are here to offer help either with our guides or support.

Will I have full control over my Don't Starve Together Server?

Yes. Our Don’t Starve Together dedicated servers allow you to fully customize your Don’t Starve Together experience .  Allowing you to add loads of players, mods and content in to your game. However each server package will come with different specs depending on your budget. Our Best selling server is our (Wilson Server) which will allow you to get the best Don’t Starve Together experience on the market on a budget!

How do I know what server to get?

We offer different servers to suite everyone’s gaming needs and budgets. Shared Hosting offers a budget experience with the ability to pay per player slot, this is the cheapest way to host but offers the least flexibility and user experience as players are sharing a server with other user and can not freely change their settings, such as adding more players or mods. (VPS) Virtual Private Server offers both ultimate flexibly and price for your server hosting, allowing you to customise, mod and run the server your way. Don’t Starve Together VPS are our best selling packages as players are free to change their settings any time they like 24/7 with the built in interface and guide all included with our VPS packages. Dedicated Servers Offer you the ultimate game experience. All our dedicate servers have been custom built for both performance and cost allowing our users to max out their gaming experience without suffering from lag. All our dedicated servers include the Don’t Starve Together interface and our handy manual to help customise your game in a matter of seconds.

Do I have to Set up my server?

No. We pre-install all of our servers with your chosen game in order to speed up the process and get you online as soon as possible.  However once you have your server set up we offer our own Don’t Starve Together Server manual that will allow you to change your game preferences including player limits, number of asteroids and any mods you may want to add.

Can I add mods?

Yes. With our Don’t starve together servers you can add any in game mods available on the steam community. At Gamehosting.co we believe that our users should be able to play the game their way as we support the growing community content & mods that our available via the steam community pages. Mods are easy to install via the Don’t Starve Together Server interface installed on your server and you can have your mods installed within minutes with our easy to use guide available with all our server packages.

See our Mod Guide for a full explation about adding mods to your Don’t starver together server.

What Happens If I need help with my server?

Although our servers are pre-installed for you, we offer a full guide on how to optimize and customize your game directly on your desktop to help sort any of the small problems you may run in to. Failing that we have a friendly and fast support team on hand that will help you with any problems that may occur on your server.

Do I need to install any extra software?

No. We pre-install all our Don’t Starve Together servers giving you a default set up in which you can later add to if you want to change your gaming experience. The only thing you may want to add in the future is mods, which you will have to download via your steam account on your server and then add it to your game in the Don’t Starve Together interface. It’s easy.

Will my server be safe?

Yes. We take all the necessary steps to insure that all of our serves are constantly protected from outside threats. We pride ourselves on server safety and work with our data centre in order to keep your gaming experience protected. All our servers include DDOS protection giving you piece of mind.

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