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18 May
15 Apr

How To Survive In Reign Of Kings

This short article will show you what I have learnt so far in the awesome survival game Reign Of Kings (usually shortened to ROK around the web)
and how you can increase your chances of survival.

Once you have the game installed and setup you then go from the main menu into the server screen by pressing Play which is the only way you can start a game as it does not contain a single player mode. You then choose a server from the huge list available within the community or jump onto one hosted by the developers themselves. Choosing a server is important and usually from the name of the server can you tell the style of game that you should expect from this world. For a quick and simple peaceful game look for servers that prohibit “killing on server” or abbreviated to KOS. The server admins then try to enforce a no killing rule but you can still technically attack each other and even kill each other but informing an admin usually gets that player kicked.

First Tasks Important To Surviving In Reign of Kings

When you first land on the world in the server you will more than likely find yourself on a beach (as long as you have never played this server before) surrounded by water on one side and a forest/cliff on the other. The island is circular shaped surrounded by ocean with small islands surrounding it with a castle on a very tall island connected by a sort of elevated bridge. What you do from here is up to you but typically I press the “1” key to select my club and go whack away at a tree to collect wood. Collect at least 100 to build a work-bench then another 50 for a decent Stone Wood Cutters axe to really speed up your wood collecting. Go search around for 6 peices of stone (usually scattered around cliffs in little lumps), 20 flax (little white bushes) and then craft a work bench and then the Stone Wood Cutters axe now available using the work bench to craft it.

Now that you have your Stone Wood Cutters Axe you can chop down trees in style, collecting 5 times as much in the same time you would have using the wooden club you started with. Wood is important for many items and wooden blocks for building a base can take a lot of resources to craft.

Next on the agenda is usually water and food as your vital levels should be starting to drop quickly. Look around for berry bushes, streams and ponds. Berries when collected and eating provide a small amount of hunger replenishment but also liquid. Clean water can be collected and drank at a later time so stock up when you can.

A good idea next is to armor yourself up. The weakest armor you can craft is wooden armour which should be easy to do as you have your handy Stone Wood Cutters Axe to make easy work of it. Craft this wooden armour using your work bench in case you come across any hostile animals or other players. Crafting a weapon is also a good idea but using your tools that you have made for collecting resources should do for now until you have enough resources worth protecting.

Now that you have the basics down you can look into crafting better tools and collecting a larger range of resources even quicker. Building a base is great fun but a task that requires experimentation and a lot of resources, doing this in a group is a much better idea and splitting the resource collection speeds things up.

Crafting Iron Ingots In Reign Of Kings

Iron is an extremely important material to start producing in Reign Of Kings as soon as possible. You can easily find iron sources around the map usually looking like tall brown rusty mounds that can be hacked away at to collect iron. Try crafting a pick axe to make this collection task quicker as you are exposed from behind when collecting resources.

With the collected raw iron you now need to smelt it into iron ingots which requires a smelter. A smelter in Reign Of Kings is basically an upgraded camp fire. Build a camp fire and then upgrade it twice to get a smelter which in the same way is fuelled by wood, charcoal and other burnable materials. This smelter can then be used to cook foods and raw materials such as iron into ingots for crafting.

Reign Of Kings Useful Tips

When leaving a server you are vulnerable to other players attacking your sleeping body and stealing your hard earned items and resources. A good way to hide your body is in either in your own built up house, the thicker the walls the better, or failing that hide in a bush or secluded part of the island. How ever I have found the best tactic is to run into the ocean from the beach and logout in the middle of the ocean to prevent players finding your sleeping body and attacking you while your signed out. Now you’re out of sight it will be extremely hard for other players to stumble across you and rob you in your sleep!

Collecting resources can be a time consuming process, ensure you make the best tools you can be by taking advantage of work benches and other crafting devices so your time is made the most out of. Using iron in your crafting helps create very strong tools and weapons, you should aim to do this as soon as possible.

Reign of Kings Map

Refering to a map of the Reign Of Kings world takes out a lot of the guessing work required in finding recources and is an absolute god send. It also warns you of potential dangers in certain areas and is great for when you get lost. Its also a great tool for helping you find other players and establish a meeting point. The map that I use when playing Reign Of Kings is below and is a great resource for all players to keep favorite to ensure you can easily find it again.

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11 Apr

RoK Update Alpha 11

Reign Of Kings Alpha 11

The Code}{atch Team have been working hard over the last few weeks with the hacking problems they were having in reign of kings, with a lot of the community and dedicated servers coming under attack from hackers.

However the release of Alpha 11 brings in (EAC) Easy Anti Cheat which has been integrated into the game in order to keep hackers out and improve everyone’s Reign of kings experience. Code}{atch quoted “we felt it was best to have a major anti-hacking solution on our side while we also work to prevent exploits and hacks on our end. We also included another layer of our own hack prevention in this update aside from EAC.” This means that you will now need to agree to Code}{atch’s EULA before you are able to plat the game again.

For more on easy anti cheat check out: easyanticheat.net

Code}{atch have also stated that players should not risk hacking/cheating in reign of kings as this can result in your account being banned by the EAC system.

Users have also had a problem with updating their server in order to play Alpha 11. You can find helpful information about updating you server on the Steam community page. Gamehosting.co have already taken all the steps to update to Alpha 11 in order to keep fellow gamers, online and happy.

Features in Alpha 11:

  • Lord’s Bed (Spawn Point)
  • Lord’s furniture including (Bath, Small chair, Large chair)
  • Bear Skin Rug
  • Rocking Horse
  • High Quality Bench
  •  Gazebo

For the full list click here.

New Changes:

  • (EAC) Easy anti cheat integration needs to be installed before you are able to play Reign of Kings.
  • Lobby ping updates more regularly
  • Lobby refresh is faster
  • Melee Combat now slows players down when they swing.

For the full list click here.

To See a full list of the updates and features including bug fixes, changes and optimization please refer to the steam community update.

Code}{atch have also stated that their focus for the week ahead is still directed towards the prevention of hacking, and also the improvement of  overall performance.


Keeping you updated.


Joshua – Gamehosting.co

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